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Chassidus Unlimited has published hundreds of discourses from the late Lubavitcher Rebbe zt"l, Grand Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson of blessed memory, who gave his blessings for the success of this work. Although the Rebbe is no longer with us in this world,  with G-d's help, and with our everlasting heritage to guide us - in this new generation, the 8th since the Alter Rebbe and 10th since the Baal Shem Tov - we will show that Chassidus is even more Unlimited than ever before.


This website is basically unchanged since 1996, with only a few articles explaining why the late Lubavitcher Rebbe זצ”ל, or any deceased person for that matter, cannot possibly be Moshiach. Unfortunately the situation in Lubavitch today remains basically unchanged since then.



Major Exciting News Pertaining to the Coming of Moshiach!


 Recently, while searching online for the significance of this year 5778, which is 3330 years since the Exodus from Egypt and the Giving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai, I discovered the Kabbalah Secrets website posted by Ezra Jeffry Meiliken, who wrote:  “My teacher is the Admor of Strettin, Rav Abraham Brandwein, whose teachers were his father Rav Yeduda Tzi Brandwein of blessed memory and his uncle Rav Yehuda Halevi Ashlag (Hasulam) of blessed memory. It was at my teacher behest that I write and publish the books that I have and do this blog.” Based on revelations from his teachers, for 20 years Meiliken has been predicting Moshiach will arrive in 5778, while never saying who specifically Moshiach might be. His books The Genesis Prayer, The Divine Calendar, and There's Nothing Random About The Universe, and his illuminating blog posts, are simply asounding and absolutely must reading.


In order to share this with others I'm reproducing here comments that I wrote on Meiliken's recent posts. Please read these recent Kabbalah Secrets posts and the comments there and contribute to the discussion.




Best wishes and blessings to everyone!

First posted September 12, 1996-Elul 28, 5756. / Last
modified July 16, 2018-Menachem Av 4, 5778